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Federal Commander

150th Gettysburg Anniversary National Civil War Reenactment

US Command – General Allen Baldwin

To my fellow reenactors,

As the Overall Military Commander and Federal Commander for the Gettysburg Event I want to say thank you. 

The 149th Gettysburg is now a memory, but as I look back on this memory it is one filled with pride.  With your help and the commitments of General Gesuero and his staff along with the dedication and commitment of the Federal Headquarters staff and GAC we were able to provide a memorable experience for all who attended.  With the dedication and commitment of all involved we were able to overcome the heat related issues to ensure the safety of those on the field, in the camps and the mounts that we rode and sent everyone home safely.     

 As we begin the countdown to the 150th Gettysburg event next year, my staff and I look forward to the culmination of several years of preparation for this occasion. We have been striving to make improvements where we are able to, in everything from battle scenarios to the basic daily needs of troops in the camps. Working with the Gettysburg Anniversary Committee and our counterparts on the Confederate command staff, we have strived to build relationships across the board for the improvement of the hobby and the event.

 Whether Federal, Confederate, or civilian, my staff and I are dedicated to planning an event which is safe whether it be weapons or heat. We will be working with Divisional commanders to make the most of our camp sites and provide all of you with ample opportunity to burn powder.

 The number 150 brings with it different meanings to some of you...some reenactors will bring their time in the hobby to a close after the sesquicentennial cycle, while others are just starting out. Next year promises to be one of the largest events we have seen in a number of years. We anticipate a memorable event for reenactors and spectators alike, but we are also looking beyond it. As reenactors we share many common goals and reasons for being involved in this hobby. First and foremost is our love of history, and a desire to portray it as faithfully as possible whether on the field or in camp. We all recognize where our shortcomings are in these regards. However, it is our constant desire to learn and improve which should unite us rather than drive us apart. Our efforts in this hobby should, in the end, go beyond the self-serving, and instead be directed at that one child in the crowd who discovers history is a living thing and not a page in a musty old book. We were all that child once...let's show them what we are all about.

 My staff and I look forward to working with all of you to make the 150th Gettysburg the event we know it can be.  If my staff or I can be of any assistance or answer any questions please feel free to contact me through GAC. 

Your Most Humble and Obedient Servant,

Major General Allen Baldwin,

Commanding, U.S. Forces

Last update 7/19/12